Friday, January 16, 2009

Someone arrived here by searching for Scott Pilgrim fan fiction. That totally just made my night.

Which naturally leads me to Jennifer Crusie. No really, it does. Anyway. Bet Me was decent and had its moments but there wasn't a whole lot of depth there (unlike, say, Marian Keyes) and the coincidences and luck thing as the two main characters got together kinda went over the line into cloying once or twice.

But I was willing to give her another shot, which I did with Agnes And The Hit Man, co written with Bob Meyer. This one was legitimately laugh-out-loud funny and pretty cute and I spent the whole time re-casting it in my head as an AU (totally not my fault at all - Agnes wears red-framed glasses! It had to be done!). I liked it so much that I wish it hadn't been so predictable.

Then I read another collaboration between the two, Don't Look Down which wasn't as funny, but still enjoyable. It was a similar storyline and I didn't necessarily buy the ending.

After that I got a bunch of her others probably because I was still hoping for another one as good as Agnes. Which they weren't. But they were still funny enough and fast reading so I kept going. Welcome To Temptation made me realize Crusie definitely has a formula that works for her and it's an appealing one. This was definitely an earlier work though. Also firmly in the earlier work camp: Anyone But You and Getting Rid Of Bradley which were both short and not as well-developed with jumps in the story that felt like there were scenes missing. Crazy For You was better than those, although at one point toward the end one of the guys is a little too... okay with? understanding of? the stalking the ex-boyfriend was doing. Totally not cool. That broke the spell, I guess. Although I did fall off the wagon at Christmas time because the bookstore had What The Lady Wants for, like, a dollar. That one's technically a 2009 book, but I feel like I should group it in here with the earlier works.

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